90-minute Workshop

Stoic Strength

Learn how to be calm and more effective when facing adversity using Stoic philosophy

Stoicism is a highly practical philosophy. Ultimately, it is not about talking, it's about doing.

We will explore ways to be more objective and become less reactive and more deliberate.

We will delve into the question "what is in your control and what is not?" Plus, we will talk about specific actions you can take.

My session will be a groups discussion including tools, exercises, and insights you can readily utilize.

Learning Objectives

#1: Learn a way to be more calm and effective

#2: Abruption happens, learn to love it.

#3: Learn how to test your impressions and choose a smarter response.

The content of this session is mostly: Academic or technical: Learning and integrating new knowledge, tools, and techniques

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: Reflecting on, journaling about, or discussing insights



Don’t explain your philosophy.

Embody it.

About Tom McMillian

Since 2008, Tom McMillian has been the President of Techtao, a marketing consultancy. Tom not only brings innovative thinking to companies, but also works as the chief marketing officer for selective companies. Previously, Tom worked for Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson in the role of Director of Relationship & Interactive Marketing.

While at Pfizer, Tom was on the core team that brought innovation-cultural-change to the Pfizer. Not only was Tom instrumental in the creation and development of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare’s new innovation process, but also Tom was the highest ranked innovation instructor. In recognition of his efforts, Pfizer awarded Tom the W.E. Upjohn award for Innovation.

In addition to working for his clients, Tom brings his marking expertise, creativity, and passion for the arts to the Morris Arts as a board member. Plus, he loves playing his ukulele. Tom believes that a key ingredient to each day’s success is playing his beloved uke. Recently, he’s been nourishing his soul, playing music originally written for the lute on his ukulele.

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