Friday night special event

Sound Journey

A healing voyage with sound

Izzy will take us on a special voyage, channeling vibrational energy through sound for others to explore their inner healing journey. No preparation or experience required. Just come lay back and relax and the let the sounds of gong, singing bowls and more magical instruments take you away…





She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes

About Iz Wyrd

Izzi is a multidimensional healer, teacher, craftswoman & creativity alchemist. Variety is the spice of life as she masterfully weaves the ancient wisdom of plant medicine, yoga, sound therapy, artmaking, sacred ceremony & astrology into one big delicious cauldron of awesome! She resides in Tempe, AZ where she instructs Botanical Pharmacy for the Western Herbalism program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She holds a BA in Psychology & for the last decade has served as an educator in various settings ranging from public schools to NASA.

She leads sacred sister circles, community healing events, co-hosts empowering women’s retreats while maintaining a private sound healing practice. Izzi shares how sensory perception is one of the keys for tapping into the deeper layers of our intuition & her essential oil blends ignite & inspire a curiosity that is often lost in the everyday mix.

You’ll find Izzi enjoying nature, eating tasty food, singing songs & getting silly with her family. 


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