180 minute Workshop

Human + Nature Connection

Practice the tool of temperament + illuminate the world around you.

Participants will develop a deeper understanding of human nature & behavior elements. This will enable their own growth and their ability to support others in the 3C’s of connection, collaboration and communication using nature as their backdrop.


Learning Objectives

#1: Connect with your temperament.

#2: Collaborate with compassion.

#3: Communicate on a deeper level.


Participants will spend most of their time: Practicing a skill or using a tool or technique of some kind.

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To learn new information. 

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It is pure joy to be a part of changing people’s idea about themselves and others. I treasure those ah-ha moments! - Elizabeth

Friends and colleagues have nicknamed me "action" for my ability to get things done. - Sophia


About Elizabeth Hoendervoogt and Sophia Combs

Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a life-long learner, teacher, trainer, facilitator and psych buff. She finds fascination in people and how they behave, communicate and interact with each other. Her passion IS people! Elizabeth has spent her twenty-five year career in the corporate arena working in the tech, healthcare and utilities sectors. She has been training and facilitating since 2006 and has facilitated hundreds of Real Colors workshops since 2010. She holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education from NAU and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from ASU. 

Sophia: Sophia is a spirited educator who is passionate about human performance and for the past twenty years, has held positions in Human Resources, Business Process Improvement and Organizational Change Management at an electric utility in the Phoenix area. Sophia has a BA in Elementary Education and an Masters in Business Administration. On weekends, Sophia is an entrepreneur and uses the principles of iterative design to assist children in creating race-cars using LEGO building bricks at birthday parties and other events.  She is motivated by the belief that children are more capable than adults allow them to be. Sophia is an Arizona native and shares her one beautiful life with her husband, two sons and two dogs.


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