2019 Sessions & Presenters

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Sessions to choose from: 

90-minute and 180-minute workshops are a great way to learn exciting practices and new tools. They are (for a number of great reasons) completely powerpoint-free! No A/V or tech will be available. Yes, you read that correctly! 


180-Minute Sessions


Trading Places

Understanding the role of facilitators in creating culture.

Join a simulated environment where we explore how group culture forms and what that means for anyone holding space for creative thinking.

Kristen PetersoN & Jay Aquilanti

Wisdom of the Samurai

Warrior in the World.

Explore personal and group behaviors through a powerful role playing simulation honoring the Samurai warrior code.

Megan Mitchell

Inspire your Ideal

An Introduction to Wholebeing Happiness.

Using tools to understand and apply what it takes to focus on your well-being as a whole person to drive your creativity & your happiness.


From Now On

Four questions to help you navigate the rest of your life.

Explore four simple questions posed by wisdom seekers through the ages. Answer with care. Change everything.



90-Minute Sessions

darrell kidd


The Japanese Art of Creating the Un-Uesless

lisa leslie henderson

Make Better Decisions

Get wiser fast— or at least stop F-ing up— through integrated decision making

mark chichester

Deep Conflict

What does it take to bring a sense of healing and resolution to teams that have spiraled into a rut of animosity?

kim larkin

The Rewards in Risk

Explore what you’ve always wanted but never thought possible and how to take simple steps to surprise and delight yourself with what you can accomplish.


Laura LOzzi

Pizza Brainstorming + a side of trends!

In 90 minutes you will experiment with two useful ideation tools that we often use in a big utility company.

Rachel gordon

Outside the Fold

What do people and sheep have in common? A lot! Find out and connect with yourself in this fun, interactive art experience.

tom mcmillian

Stoic Strength

Learn how to be calm and more effective when facing adversity using Stoic philosophy

evette cordy

The Power of Not Knowing

How to leverage ambiguity and curiosity to achieve breakthrough thinking.



Sound Journey

A healing journey of sound 

sophia combs

Pickle Jam!

Strategies to sort, size up, and solve pickles.

Julia roberts

Tiny Ted Talks

Mindcamp SW edition!
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