90 minute Workshop

Weird Idea Generator

Out of ideas? This game will help you generate thousands of them!

Buckle up! This is an experimental game designed to help you generate crazier ideas, faster—and have lots of fun in the process. Loosely inspired by Improv Theatre, Science Fiction and Genetics (sounds like we could get into dangerous territory doesn’t it?), this experience is constantly evolving, session after session. Your feedback is vital!

All of us are limited by working from the only perspective we know—our own. And that means our imaginations are based solely on what we already know.

So how can we create something truly new?


Learning Objectives

#1: A new tool to generate new, exotic ideas

#2: Introduction to the theoretical background and evolution of this game

#3: Pure fun!


Participants will spend most of their time: Practicing a skill or using a tool or technique of some kind.

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To practice a skill or practice using a tool




"I like to party till late, be ready for that!."

Rodrigo Sánchez

About Rodrigo Sanchez

”Jack of all trades, master of none.“ — I’ve always felt this saying defines me (in the best of its possible meanings). I don’t consider myself a master at anything, but my diverse background helps me find an exotic solution to every situation. Name a problem – I can solve it!

Artist at heart with an engineer’s head, I started as a technical in Mechanical Product Development, steering back to creativity little by little, first with a Product Design degree (Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid), then with a diploma in Creativity and Innovation trough Design and Business (Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile).

I’ve had the pleasure to work for very different enterprises in Mexico, Perú, Chile, Spain, Germany, Italy, the United States (and now Canada!). This includes programming industrial machinery in Chicago, product studio photography in Reinsburg (Germany) designing gamificated learning tools in Mexico D.F, and recently, producing the first Mindcamp Chile.


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