Want to be a MCSW 2019 Ranchero/a?

Do you want to volunteer as a Ranchero at Mindcamp Southwest? We have a small number of "internship" positions available. Mindcamp Southwest interns (known as “Rancheros”) work in teams, and their responsibilities can include:

  1. help presenters with their sessions: ensure they have supplies, help them set up and greet participants, assist during sessions as needed, help clean up after
  2. make Mindcampers, especially first-timers, feel welcome and comfortable
  3. gather and analyze feedback from participants and presenters
  4. general ingenuity and problem-solving when things go wrong


You must be…

  1. at least 18 years old as of the first day of Mindcamp

  2. able to report to Phoenix, Arizona on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 27 (one day before Mindcamp begins), and stay until Sunday evening, March 4 (the last day)

  3. a willing team member, showing a supporting attitude toward all the other rancheros as well as presenters and participants — basically everyone!
  4. able to manage time effectively (e.g. show up early for meetings, get up in the morning in time to be showered and ready for action by breakfast, etc.)
  5. willing to be guided by the Ranchero Code of Conduct
  6. able to laugh, especially at yourself!

What You Get

  1. A chance to attend and assist with sessions given by brilliant experts in the creativity field

  2. A chance to be on a diverse team of amazing volunteers like you

  3. A chance to develop new (and strengthen existing) leadership and team skills
  4. Fun +ime in nature!
  5. A post-Mindcamp letter of reference outlining your duties and the skills you demonstrated, if requested

As a Ranchero, you must agree to be guided by our Code of Conduct. It’s here to help you make good choices in relation to your responsibilities. Please read carefully! Interning at Mindcamp will not be a pleasure for you (or for us) if you cannot or will not abide by the Ranchero Code.


Ranchero Code of Conduct:

Show up—on time—and ready to make a positive difference.

Show up to your sessions, to ranchero meetings… even if you have nothing to do, show up to Ranchero HQ and figure out how to be useful.


You're here to help. Be helpful — to the organizers, to other Rancheros, to presenters, to participants.

In many ca ses you’ll be able to pick the sessions you would want to attend anyway. But even in cases where you’ve been given a session, take it as an opportunity to learn something unexpected.



Before Mindcamp, check your email regularly and respond promptly to Mindcamp emails, especially questions from the organizers or the Top Ranchero. During Mindcamp, get to know your presenters and their needs as early as possible. And love your walkie! Never turn it off (although you can turn it down if the sound is interfering with the session). In general, speak up if you see something going wrong.


Honor your commitments

Commit to being a ranchero ASAP! Meet your presenter as early as you can. If you agree to do something, do it.


Show up early for your sessions, stay and play, and stay to promote and collect feedbacK

Can’t think how to make this clearer. You may have a reason to leave the session (e.g., to get some extra supplies) but in general, when you’re ranchero-ing a session, you’re also a participant.


Don’t do anything that will impair your ability to do your job.

We know it’s great to see your friends and it’s tempting to stay up late to hang out with them. But make sure you get enough sleep to be perky in the morning. No excessive drinking, please, and definitely no drugs.


Be part of the team

Hang around in bunches. Have the back of your other rancheros. If you can’t solve a problem, ask for help… it goes both ways! It’s your job to be very involved.


Be a good influence on the other RANCHEROS, especially if they are younger or newer than you.

You might be surprised how strong an influence one ranchero can have. And even if you’re young and brand new to Mindcamp, your attitude will definitely affect the bunch. Make it a good one!


Be visible

Always wear your shirt while at Mindcamp. Don’t leave the active areas (Ranchero HQ, program rooms, etc.) or hang out in your room (or anyone else’s). If you need a break, just check first with the Top Ranchero and agree on a time.


Still here? You just passed the first test. You read all the way to the bottom of the page. Select "Prickly Pear" as your answer for Question #20 on your application if you agree to abide by the Ranchero Code of Conduct. 


Questions? Email us at