90-minute Workshop

Pizza brainstorming + a side of trends!

In 90 minutes you will experiment two useful ideation tools that we often use in a big utility company.

Pizza Brainstorming (or Stakeholder Circle) is an effective ideation tool for challenges which involve many stakeholders. It helps participants to build on each other's ideas. A second tool, the Trends cards, are very useful for creative sessions on new business models. Let’s play with them both!

During the session you will collaborate in teams to experiment with the tools and reflect on possible variations of their use for your own situations.

Learning Objectives

#1: New ideation tools

#2: The role of the facilitator when using these tools

#3: Maybe a few Italian words :)

The content of this session is mostly: Academic or technical: Learning and integrating new knowledge, tools, and techniques

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To practice a skill or practice using a tool



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About Laura Lozzi

Laura graduated in 2009 in International Economics at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome. She has worked in several companies in European countries mostly in the Energy sector as Business Developer, Sales, Finance and Innovation Department. Laura joined Enel (one the largest utility in the world in electricity production with more than 66k employees) 6 years ago. She is currently working for the Open Innovation Culture and Creativity team with the mission of change the way of working, spreading the lateral thinking and the entrepreneur attitude within the company. Laura has specialized in these fields also through her studies at the Esade business school in Barcelona, MIT in Boston and taking part in the CREA conference in Sestri Levante, Italy and in Berlin, Germany.

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