90 minute Workshop

Boardroom Bushcraft

How to thrive in any environment. 

For many, the boardroom represents a space where leaders and their advisors pool an organization’s best thinking to overcome challenges and discover opportunities. Inside its confines, the corporate tribe share dreams, enforce deadlines and measure accountability. The difference between merely surviving or thriving is often an outcome of the decisions made here. Whether you are a leader, manager, and team member of a Fortune 500 or the latest start-up with something new and improved, Boardroom Bushcraft will re-connect you to the natural world and teach valuable lessons in the process. Boardroom Bushcraft is a unique outdoor workshop that combines brief content presentations and instruction with plenty of hands-on field work and adventure, more aptly called dirt time.

Bushcraft goes beyond survival, providing the mindset, toolset, and skill set to thrive in even the harshest natural conditions. Participants will learn practical bush crafting skills that inspire new thinking while teaching meaningful and helpful lessons for daily life. With Boardroom Bushcraft, grit, determination, and necessity meet ingenuity, mindful patience, and teamwork. Instructors replace corporate gibberish with straight-talk based upon deep experience from both worlds. From strategy to entrepreneurship, design and innovation, logistics and finance, the bushcraft lessons will be introduced by themes and concepts from the boardroom. Will participant have fun? Of course, Boardroom Bushcraft will be fun. It will also be challenging.


Learning Objectives

#1: Practical methods for surviving and thriving in the wilderness

#2: Learn a memorable metaphor that connects creative problem solving (CPS) and design thinking methods

#3: Have fun


Participants will spend most of their time: Practicing a skill or using a tool or technique of some kind.

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To practice a skill or practice using a tool




"I am a two time Mindcamp attendee and I have presented at CEE and CPSI. I can't wait to come to the Southwest!"

Peter Zapf

About Peter Zapf

Peter Zapf is a design planner focused on helping organizations realize what is next for their stakeholders through a values-driven design process. As Design Planning Lead at Fogpilot LLC, a Chicago-based design consultancy, he facilitates strategic planning, brand design, and creative problem solving and innovation workshops In addition to his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, Zapf earned a Masters of Design Methods degree (MDM) from Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design, a leading center for human-centered innovation planning education. He is also certified to administer and debrief FourSight, a unique assessment of individual and team thinking styles.

Zapf is an adjunct professor at Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design. In addition to teaching Design Analysis + Synthesis, he conducts innovation workshops with its executive education team. Zapf also serves as Program Faculty for the Strayer Executive for Education Center within the Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame, teaching various sessions for the Certified Innovation Mentorship program and an Introduction to Design Thinking workshop for its Certificate in Executive Management. Zapf has twice completed a 14-day course created by the Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS), the Ultimate Survival Challenge, and backpacking trips in Minnesota, New Mexico, and Utah.


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