90-minute Workshop

Outside the Fold

Accepting ourselves and celebrating our differences.

Come take some time to look deep inside and connect with yourself – not the self you think you should be or the self your mom wants you to be or your partner or friends – but who you truly are, and from that space express what you find in a fun, interactive art piece. We’ll spend some time talking about community and the importance of individual difference by taking a look at sheep…which are an awful lot like people. Then we’ll make some art and see what we can glean about ourselves from what we’ve created – and how we can take what we’ve learned back into our lives.


Learning Objectives

#1: Connect with yourself

#2: Make art (no previous experience necessary!)

#3: Have fun!

Participants will spend most of their time: Crafting something new

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To make something




You are exactly who you need to be in this moment.

About Rachel Gordon

Rachel Gordon is a self-taught artist who has found expression through photography, fiber art, conceptual art and installation, performance, illustration, and printing. Her art encourages people to stop and see the beauty and wonder in everyday life and open themselves to different perspectives. She is fascinated by the interplay of outer appearance and inner self and how much we judge and make assumptions based on appearance – and wonders what the world would be like if more people were able to love and accept themselves and celebrate difference on an individual as well as group level.

'Difference' has been an overriding theme in her life, both on the side of being different and on the side of advocating for those seen as different. She has traveled, performed, and lived among different cultures and lived and worked with people of different physical and intellectual abilities.

Rachel currently lives in Cleveland, OH.


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