90-minute Workshop

Tiny Ted Talks

Develop your Tiny TED Talk (7 mins) and learn how to promote your ideas to Tedx conferences near you.

We will be brainstorming ideas for your Tiny TED, developing your 7 minute outline, and begin writing and rehearsing in the 90 minute session. You will also get information about how to participate in a TEDx talk in your area. Tiny TED talks will be presented during a night flight during Mindcamp.


Learning Objectives

#1: Get very clear on what your main ideas and messaging is

#2: Learn and use the template and flow of a good TED talk

#3: Be advised on how to pitch your TED ideas to your local TEDx events

Participants will spend most of their time: Practical: Working to solve a real-world problem

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To learn new information




"When humor goes, there goes civilization."

Erma Bombeck

About Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is a certified creativity coach, has her Masters in the Science of Creativity and has three books published, including Amazon bestseller: Sex, Lies & Creativity – Gender Differences in Creative Thinking.

Julia brings her clients a mix of innovation tools and mindset and coaching tools to heighten their ability to create at their peak.

She worked for over 25 years as a brainstormer, conceptor, and marketing strategist for companies like American Express, Burger King, Warner Bros, Kraft Foods and Heinz, before creating decodingcreativity.com in 2008 – where she serves serious writers in all media.

She has addressed worldwide audiences live, at teleseminars and webinars, has been guest on hundreds of radio shows, and a dozen tv talk and news shows, including Chicago Tribune, Redbook, Child Magazine, New York Times and New York Public Radio/NPR.


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