90 minute Workshop

Mental Time Travel

Tap into your past creative genius to fuel your future creative potential.

Everyone has moments in life where they’ve fired on all ‘creative cylinders’. Imagine being able to tap into that feeling whenever you need it? This session will be a time for creative reflection where attendees experience guided meditation to seek answers to their creative past.They’ll learn how to unlock the ability to bring that past to the present and ensure a more creative future.


Learning Objectives

#1: The ability to quickly quiet the noise around you and focus.

#2: Enable your brain to exit 'task-mode' and move to 'what if?'

#3: Tips & Techniques to make meditation a habitual part of your creative process.


Participants will spend most of their time: Learning and integrating new knowledge.

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To learn new information.


"Attending MindCamp for the first time was such a transformative experience, it REMAINS my all-time favorite gathering of a creative community and I am excited to see it go West!"

Jay Aquilanti

About Jay Aquilanti

Jay Aquilanti, a dual US-Canadian California-based practitioner in creative problem solving (wow – take a breath!), serves as Group Innovation Catalyst for Disney Parks' internal agency, Yellow Shoes . While working on amazing projects, with amazing folks at the Walt Disney Company, he further fuels his creative spirt through collaboration and participation within the Creativity Community, on his own time. As a veteran and past presenter of MindCamp, CPSI leader and even a red jacket volunteer of CREA – yes! He is a past board member of the Creative Education Foundation (C.E.F.), the non-profit organization supporting CPSI. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Jay has called Southern California home since 2002. He's raising three dynamic and fierce daughters and shares his life with his partner, Tony and his three sons. Life is busy!


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