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180 minute Workshop

The Petrol Approach

Co-designing a creative engine for innovation in a structured or regimented organization. Co-creating the Petrol Approach with a Dutch creative vibe.

You are at Mindcamp to be creative and innovative but we all know you go home and face the kinds of barriers that kill creativity. What if you could go back ready to bring what you learned to your work and life in ways that use that structure to your advantage. In a 90 minute session you will go on a creative co-creating journey. With the use of different creative techniques and playfulness, all with a Dutch twist ;-), we will search for what it REALLY takes for structured and perhaps cautious organizations, teams and individuals to embrace a creative approach to facilitate innovation. Why? Because two minds work better than one and multiple creative minds will work even better. Together we’ll come up with more ideas, possibilities, concerns, WHY- and HOW questions and WOW-factors to finally co-create an approach that works; the Petrol Approach.


Learning Objectives

#1: Learn as much as possible of the use a CPS based model with a Dutch twist.

#2: Leaving the session with the feeling you made use of your know how and actively contributed to a Dutch movement called the Petrol Approach and are ready to bring what you learned to your work and live.

#3: Meeting us and feeling you definitely want to visit The Netherlands now and not just to see Amsterdam.


Participants will spend most of their time: Reflecting on, journaling about, or discussing insights.

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To learn new information. 



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"We hope that after this session, you will definitely want to visit The Netherlands and not just to see Amsterdam!"

Helmi & Jojanneke

About Helmi Van Den Akker & Jojanneke Horstman

Helmi: What can I say? I'm a policy developer for a Community College and passionate about creative thinking and facilitating change within teams and organisations. Michelle Auerbach, who I met at Crea 2017 in Italy, inspired me to come and present my new develop approach for innovation at MindcampSW to share my ideas , to build upon my pilot and to develop myself and make use of the combined and powerful knowledge of the creative people attending. You can see and read my bio at LinkedIn. Though the language could be a barrier. Let's say I love working with groups within organisations and I'm standing on a crossroad with my ideas. Curious what you folks can share with me and what I might be able to bring to you.

Jojanneke: I’m dutch which means I ride my bike a lot and I'm tall. I also work as a psychologist. I worked for ten years at a mental institution, treating adolescents and young adults with severe borderline personality disorder. 6 years ago, when my first son of two was born, I stopped working at the mental institution, and started my own practice. I have strong believe that awareness is the key to a more happier life. Awareness of the body, the mind, and awareness of your emotions and needs. We need a different sense of identity. Not the descriptive but an experiencing one. We are not the voices in our head but the experiencing witness beneath it. And I really love making people aware of this witness using different methods. Beside that, I'm also specialized in building fantasy figures with lego, and have a passion for singing.


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