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90 minute Workshop

A Headless Day

Lose your head and explore the gap between agreed-upon, social reality and actual experience. See who you really are. 

Do you really live in your own experience, or do you live in a borrowed world, fashioned after what others tell you to experience? Using Douglas Harding's Headless Way experiments, we will explore the surprising gap between our agreed-upon, social reality and our actual experience. Most important, you will see who you really are, at center, not the one you have been told to be or described as by others. This is a deeply experiential workshop. There is no theory, just some simple experiments to invite you to experience for yourself how things really are.


Learning Objectives

#1: Confusion and wonder

#2: (Sweet) mystery of life

#3: Question your assumptions in a deeply personal, experiential way


Participants will spend most of their time: Practicing a skill or using a tool or technique of some kind.

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To reflect on personal experiences or insights.




"If you want to be creative you need to be able to step outside of the patterns. You don’t have to throw them away. Sometimes creativity means combining existing patterns in different ways. "

Franca Leeson

About Franca Leeson

Franca is a freelance consultant, trainer, and web content strategist. She has been studying meditation since 1981 and teaching it since 2000. She has presented facilitation, meditation and creativity sessions at Mindcamp in Toronto, Canada since its inception, at CREA in Italy since 2004, and at CPSI in Atlanta in 2007. Franca’s particular interest and gift is in helping people enrich their personal and creative lives by developing a meditation practice that extends into all areas of their experience: work, children, marriage, and family responsibilities. When she’s not meditating, teaching, or strategizing, she’s doing something else. Naturally.


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