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90 minute Workshop

The Listening Dialogues

Listening is a sacred art.  It is simple and it is complex.  And, it is perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to humanity.

Doug Reid and his friend and colleague, Jennifer Quarrie discovered that they share a passion for the power of listening and being understood.  In 2016, they embarked on a journey of sorts, a series of conversations about listening.  Join Doug as he tells their story.  In this workshop, Doug will share their process and the essence of these conversations and invite you to continue the conversation with him.

“We can only fully understand the role of listening within creativity when we come to grips with how the mere presence of our consciousness shapes the world around us. When we listen, we open those doors that our ideas, senses and related tools select from the much broader field of possible experience. This practice gives birth to some potential avenues for interaction and development and closes off others. Listening becomes the cornerstone of creative activity.” --David Castro


Learning Objectives

#1: Think about listening in some new ways;

#2: Assess your listening intelligence;

#3: Consider how we “hold the space” when we are the listener—with individuals or groups;

#4: Experience effective listening; and,

#5 Learn some listening tools.


Participants will spend most of their time: Practicing a skill or using a tool or technique of some kind.

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To practice a skill or practice using a tool




"Generous listening is perhaps the greatest gift we can give."

Doug Reid

About Doug Reid

Doug is the founder of Douglas Reid & Associates, an Arizona-based consulting group. As a facilitator, trainer and executive and team coach, he applies his expertise to individual, group, and organizational development and transformation. He is a seasoned specialist in organizational innovation, collaboration and leadership, and has worked throughout North America, Europe and Asia, in many different industries.

Doug earned a BA in Interpersonal Communications from Ohio University and an MS in Creativity, Innovation and Change Leadership from Buffalo State College where he is also an adjunct faculty member. He received certification as an executive coach from the College of Executive Coaching in Ventura, CA., where he has also served on the faculty.

Doug has been a volunteer and faculty member of the Creative Education Foundation since 1979 and was honored with its Distinguished Leader Award in 1997.


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