90-minute Workshop

Deep Conflict

Bring Your Inner Shaman to Work When a Regular Meeting Simply Won't Do

Inspiring a single team to act as a unifying force is enough of a [leadership] challenge all its own, and most teams operate in a broader organization or in the context of outside stakeholders.

What happens when you involve more teams? How about when the teams are chopped up across a few time zones? Or when we sprinkle in complexity via consultants or agencies, combined with in-house talent and objectives? The process and outcomes can become messy and combative, especially if there's not a unifying vision tangible enough to break through the noise.

While it may sound very business-driven, this is actually about the human part of the equation. The emotional part. The part that has needs, fears and yearns to be valued for their contribution. This is an invitation to spend a slice of your day unpacking occasionally confounding issues that keep creative, technical and business teams (and the stakeholders who depend on them) from trusting one another and achieving their best problem-solving ability.

This session is for those responsible for (or affected by) the output of effort and work that's beyond one's individual control, yet have a passion or ability to influence the outcome - whether bottom-up or top-down.

We will share experiences and experiment with a basic, scaleable framework that includes: 1) workshopping shared goals for a team's working relationship 2) identifying obstacles that are blocking the achievement of those goals 3) diving into why those obstacles exist, and 4) facilitating a solution mindset that will allow the team to self-select the priorities they agree to work toward.

Learning Objectives

#1: How can we help teams that are floundering due to conflict?

#2: What can be done to give individuals and teams a sense of empowerment to affect the outcome?

#3: How can we mix vulnerability into strategic conversations, to keep participants' cognition hot and create memorable impact?

The content of this session is mostly: Emotional and personal: likely to be deep and/or reflective

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To practice a skill or practice using a tool



Fabulosity is so fleeting

About Mark

Mark Chichester is a leader in innovation planning, design and development, having helped clients bring over three dozen products, brands and experiences to market. Mark has a track record of partnering with visionary leaders and leading cross-functional teams through the challenge of crafting integrated, consistent, repeatable results and experiences that delight.

Along the way, Mark has developed a skill for and passion about the way people work together across disciplines. His mission is advocacy for and facilitation of empowerment, accountability and pragmatism on all sides of a project relationship.

Mark currently hangs his advocacy hat as an Account Director at fuseproject. In recent years, he’s also been a part of Ammunition, Enlisted Design and sparks & honey in a combination of client services, product development and strategic roles. Past clients include Beats by Dr Dre, Apple, HP, LG, Polaroid, Williams-Sonoma, and Barnes & Noble.

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