90-minute Workshop


The Art of Creating the Un-Useless

Chindogu is the Japanese art of making something that is un-useless. Participants will prototype the solution to a real problem, creating an item that will work to solve the problem but most likely would not be used (think of attaching a dust mop to the belly of a small dog to sweep your floors or attaching umbrellas to your shins to keep your shoes dry).

Combining ideas is one of the steps of the idea generation process. One of the most fun ways to connect and combine ideas is by playing with the art of Chindogu - the Japanese art of designing “un-useless” inventions, that is, they cannot be regarded as "useless" in an absolute sense, since they do actually solve a problem; however, in practical terms, they cannot positively be called "useful."

The intent of this session is to help people innovate new (and unusual) solutions to everyday problems.

Learning Objectives

#1: Learn rapid prototyping.

#2: Use rapid testing for feedback.

#3: Gain a new perspective of the everyday items you use.

The content of this session is mostly: Practical: Working to solve a real-world problem, use a new tool

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To make something



Follow your curiosity. Imagine what is possible.

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