90-minute Workshop

Breakthrough Brainstorming

Experiment with different ways to find ideas.

Do you ever have something you’re looking to achieve (maybe it’s a goal, maybe it’s solving a problem) and you need to a way to create a bunch of fresh ideas to get the process going? If so, this might be the session for you! In 90 minutes, we will explore some quick & easy ways to expand ideas. Some might the ways be new to you, some of the might familiar, all are useful to have in your quiver.

This session will consist of an introduction and then exposure to 5 different ways (tools) to expand ideas. Participants will be able to focus on a few ways or explore all 5 ways.

Learning Objectives

#1: How to scope and focus your challenge for breakthrough ideation.

#2: Up to five techniques for expanding ideas.

#3: Interact with and inspire other Mindcampers about new thinking for problem solving.

The content of this session is mostly: Learning and integrating new knowledge

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To practice a skill or practice using a tool



Measure twice and cut once. :) Or in other words, thinking about what you are doing is an critical as doing it.

Bill Leach

About Bill Leach

Bill is both the Program Manager and Trends & Insights Expert for DD Studio, a design consultancy in Carlsbad, California. Before working with DD Studio, he enjoyed working with the industrial design group at Compaq and Mitsubishi. When not managing design projects, Bill enjoys Art Nights at San Diego museums and watching Padres baseball.

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