How to convince your boss to send you to MCSW '18


I want to come to Mindcamp Southwest, but I need to convince my boss. 


Here's what to tell your boss: 


Based on the DNA and vision of the 15-year old Mindcamp Canada, Mindcamp Southwest (MCSW) is a conference where you can take workshops and classes that teach creativity, innovation, design thinking, and leadership skills.  More specifically, it is like a 3.5-day micro-university for personal, professional and organizational creativity – a ‘feast’ of concurrent sessions presented by expert creativity leaders from around the world. 


The HOW:

In its inaugural year, Mindcamp Southwest is focused on creating a smaller and more intimate experience for presenters and attendees. Unlike a huge, formal conference where you sit in an auditorium and listen to speakers talk, this is the kind of event where you experience hands-on workshops, directly interact with the presenters, and collaborate with everyone around you. You will have meals (and sit around the campfire) with session leaders and other attendees so you can get to know them even better. Presenters and attendees are coming from the across the US, Canada, Chile, Australia, France, the UK, and the Netherlands. 

Mindcamp Southwest exposes folks to a wide range of perspective on the research and practice of deliberate creativity and structured thinking.  This event brings together a group of open-minded curious individuals with diverse backgrounds and thinking to experience a conference that serves not only the mind, but also the body and soul.  That said, there’s also time to decompress, and connect with participants through personal conversations, evening festivities, and physical activities like hiking, dancing, or even singing around a campfire.  Below are some examples of the sessions you will find at Mindcamp Southwest:

  • Failure to Learn: Use failure—yes failure—to learn better, learn faster, and make the learning stick.

  • Collaborate Like a Digital Warrior: Smash collaboration barriers with the latest digital tech.
  • Listening Dialogues: Offer the greatest gift you can give to others (and yourself).
  • Hidden Genius: Access the wisdom of your subconscious mind.

You can read about more sessions here.



The ‘why’ is the most important part of Mindcamp Southwest. Quite frankly it is the reason the founding team (Tamara, Jay, Abby, and Kim) have put their heart and soul into forging New Frontiers to bring the spirit of Mindcamp to the Southwest United States. Here's why: 

  1. Because the future of innovation and creative problem solving depends upon exposing a wide variety of people to the discipline of creative thinking in a structured format
  2. Because Mindcamp doesn’t espouse a single one-size-fits-all model to problem-solving, but a variety of approaches that enable and ignite curiosity and the desire to learn more
  3. Because Mindcamp doesn’t just clinically focus on enhancing skill-sets and providing toolsets to innovative thinking, but equally looks to focusing on expanding mindsets and the inspiration/aspiration to be better
  4. Because Mindcamp serves as an open avenue to bring a unique set of thinkers with vastly diverse backgrounds (geographically, culturally, and intellectually) together to unify them as a tribe of innovators and creative problem solvers
  5. Because participants walk away with key learnings and tools to take back to their professional and personal lives which benefit those around them (colleagues, friends, and family)

We hope this helps convince your boss to send you to MCSW. While you're at it, you might as well bring your boss with you so you can experience the inaugural year of Mindcamp Southwest, together! You can register here


“As a leader and participant of Mindcamp (Toronto) over the past 10+ years, each year I’ve had a very specific learning plan established ahead of time.  Some years the focus on professional learning and tools, other years, a focus on personal growth and understanding.  The funny thing is, Mindcamp has never given me what I wanted going in – in fact, and the amazing thing is, it has ALWAYS given me what I needed.  It’s my tribe” - Jay Aquilanti 


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