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90 minute Workshop

Failure to Learn

More easily learning things the hard way. You are closer than you think to that one thing you really want.

Education is any environment that eases the burden of learning from your failures or tries to share the failures of others. Being a life long learner is to embrace failure while limiting the impact that failure has on your ability to strive towards the best version of your self. If you find yourself a bit squeamish about failure, this workshop is for you. We will fail quickly with fun crafty activities while relating them to the failures we fear least and most in our personal and professional lives.


Learning Objectives

#1: Learn to personally embrace the broad concept of failure.

#2: Learn to prioritize your failures into achievable chunks.

#3: Learn to wrangle your failures into less than catastrophic events.


Participants will spend most of their time: Practicing a skill or using a tool or technique of some kind.

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To reflect on personal experiences or insights.

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"I also would love to find a bunch of refrigerator boxes and have adults build a collaborative fort with box cutters and duct tape. (Always wanted to.) "

Ben Lewis

About Ben Lewis

Ben is a recovering academic who is getting clean through manual making. His obsessive dedication to solving problems has placed him into a multitude of kinships with insightful communities of enthusiasts. He is currently envisioning social spaces for creating in the greater Phoenix area and exploring his creativity through lousy craft. His past clients include moneyed interests with names that you’d recognize, individuals with small side businesses, and a communist government west of California. He cleans up nice for dinner when given appropriate notice and people appear to enjoy having him around. He started a D.I.Y. bike shop out of a vintage travel trailer, spent some time living on the streets of San Francisco, and was once discovered biking to a friend's house in Northern Ohio from his home in Eastern Alabama. He has been fixing an old motorcycle for the past eight years and often comes close to succeeding. Ben has a Bachelors in Design from University of Cincinnati, a Masters in Integrated Innovation from Carnegie Mellon, and was a Former Entrepreneurship + Innovation Fellow at Arizona State University


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