Apply to present at Mindcamp Southwest 2019

Want to Present? Read on.

Are you ready to share your brilliance, prototype something provocative or inspire others with new thinking about creative collaboration? Then, chances are, you've got what it takes to be a Mindcamp Southwest leader!

Workshops are a great way to share exciting practices and new tools. They run for 90 minutes and are (for a number of great reasons) completely powerpoint-free! No A/V or tech will be available. Yes, you read that correctly! 

MindU workshops are a bit longer (about 5 hours) with three sessions occurring over three days. The first session meets for one hour followed by two more 2-hour sessions on Friday and Saturday. MindU workshops often have two leaders. MindU sessions are also powerpoint-free. Hooray!

* We offer a modest discount for each workshop session. If there is more than one presenter, the discount is shared. 

* Workshop and MindU leaders are invited to join us early at 11am on March 28, in time for the Pre-Mindcamp Leaders Lunch at the COD Ranch.


As a potential presenter, you should have a clear understanding of what Mindcamp is, and what it is not. Mindcamp is:

  • a non-profit event, in which everyone pays their expenses. It’s not a paying gig. You will have to pay to come to Mindcamp whether you present or not.

  • a time for everyone to learn, including you. It’s not a place to drop in, present, and leave; nor is it a place to sell yourself or your products.

  • an opportunity to take risks and try out new directions.

  • a gathering of colleagues. There’s a max of 80 participants, many of whom are already creativity and innovation professionals. If you’re looking for new clients, you probably won’t find any here.


Here’s how to make your submission as attractive as possible to us:

  • Get your application in early, even before the deadline of December 1
  • Be as descriptive as possible about the actual experience your participants will have
  • Be clear about how interactive your session is going to be, and in what ways
  • Be clear about the takeaways your participants will receive (Learning Objectives)
  • Present something that’s really new — novelty counts
  • Be flexible about time; you may be asked to tailor it to a different time slot
  • Proofread to make sure it’s well written and free of typos
  • Plan to come around 11am on March 28, in time for the Pre-Mindcamp Leaders Lunch

How to Submit:

Step 1: Submit your Presenter Bio


Step 2: Submit a session (as many as you like) 

Please note: We only review submissions from folks who have completed the Presenter Information.