90 minute Workshop

Building Empathy with Lego

Use Lego Serious Play methods to explore how to build empathy into your collaborative life. 

What if we told you that empathy may be the solution to all of your human-to-human challenges that ultimately inhibit effective collaboration? You know that asshole that cut you off on the highway? What about the jerk that talks so loud on his phone in the cubicle next to you? Soon you may be able to think differently about these people.

In this session you will learn how to play nicely with others in an authentic and collaborative way. We will use empathy. We will use LEGO. We will explore ways to get to know others better and ensure others understand us as well.  

Now we will empathize with you and stop talking about our session so you can get back to what you were doing. See you at Mindcamp Southwest!


Learning Objectives

#1: Understand empathy with a new lens.

#2: Re-kindle your childhood wonder by playing with LEGO. 

#3: Gain a new outlook on life and humans. 


Participants will spend most of their time: Practicing a skill or using a tool or technique of some kind.

For participants the most important outcome of this session is: To practice a skill or practice using a tool.




"The dream weaver and the dream crusher unite to bring you a session full of empathy, legos, and laughs."

Abby & Kim

About Abby Wilkymacky & Kim Larkin

Abby: Abby is a design researcher with a background in Industrial Design. Her passion for design lies in the “fuzzy front end” of the design process for services, systems, and products—wherever there are humans involved! She is a passionate master of generous listening, framing real-world problems, developing tools and methods to uncover insights from users, and turning complex problems from multiple perspectives into actionable insights. Abby holds a BS in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University. She also teaches Industrial Design and Qualitative Research courses at Arizona State University.

Kim: Kim is a ninja combination of strategic thinker, project manager and client concierge who loves ensuring all the details are just perfect. She has directed multiple businesses, built nonprofits from the ground up, and managed numerous national and international creative projects. Kim holds a certification as a Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute as well as a masters degree in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University, a B.A. in Art History from the University of Utah.


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